Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wedding, wedding, wedding...

Since I back from UUM, I have attended three weddings within December. One of the wedding was my fasilitator during Programme National Service.

Here would like to congratule my fasilitator, Wong Mee Xin. It is not easy to keep contact after the Programme National Service due to some reason.

So far the wedding I have attended before almost same. But this time Mee xin's wedding was totally different. Howdifferent? Really sorry. Don't know how to describe it in English. But I could feel that she was touched by what had done by her husband during thewedding's dinner.

December will end soon and it is another year, 2010, will start soon. Next year, I'll create another blog which is totally in Chinese. You are welcome to visit and leave your comment. I'll update my new blog once a week.

And how about this blog? I will keep writting, to train my English.

All the best in the future!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Different Life Style

So far I have been working around two weeks for my practical. But my condition was bad since I back from UUM.

No matter at home, or work and sport, everything not going well compared the life in UUM.

Looks like I'm the kind of human that better live in jungle, huh~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


December, the last moth of 2009, is getting to end soon. My practical will start soon, on the 7th.

According to the newspaper, my hometown, Kuantan, will raining for 1 week, non stop.

Hrm...raining season, feel asleep...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Finished my another exam paper this morning. Still got 1 paper on the 19th of November.

I will be back on the 20th of November. Then it will end up with a dot, which means my journey in university end. At the same time, my another journey of university will begin, which calls "Life University".

It is a different university. The life will be my lecture. She is very quiet and seldom talk up. The real life will be my lesson that I have to study. Different environment and content, a long long period, until the end of my life...

Friday, October 23, 2009

When You Believe

Many nights we've prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hopefull song
We barely understood

Now we are not afraid
Although we know there's much to fear
We were moving mountains long
Before we knew we could

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

In this time of fear
When prayers so often prove(s) in vain
Hope seems like the summer birds
Too swiftly flown away

Yet now I'm standing here
My heart's so full I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words
I never thought I'd say

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

They don't (always happen) when you ask
And it's easy to give in to your fears
But when you're blinded by your pain
Can't see your way straight throught the rain
(A small but )still resilient voice
Says (hope is very near)

There can be miracles
When you believe
(Lord, when you believe)
Though hope is frail
(Though hope is frail)
It's hard to kill
(Hard to kill, Ohhh)
Who knows what miracles,you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will(somehow,somehow, somehow)
somehow you will

You will when you believe
You will when you
You will when you believe
Just your heart
Just believe
You will when you believe~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I had a dream

But sometimes it looked like there was no dream

The reality did not allow you to have dream

It almost destroyed my dream

And told me I should give up my dream

But I remained my dream

It was hard for me to give up my dream

What was the life meaned if there was no dream

I gotta have dream

I gotta protect my dream

Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally We Win, But I...

Yesterday COB Badminton Competition, we successful defended the title again. It should be gladness but I didn't feel it...

Thinking back my performance, I really didn't know what I'm doing, from the starting match until the end...

So far, I won't think about it 1st, since I still have a lot of things have to complete 1st. After finish all then will think back.

Maybe it will be the last competition I take part. Next time playing badminton will play with a relax mode.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

COB Badminton Tournament

Enter Oktober, almost passed 1 week. I thought can relax a bit. But few days ago just received another 2 group assgnments. Both have to complete within 1 month. What a...Don't know how to describe my feeling now.

In Oktober, a lot of things have to do. Do assignment, prepare for presentation, attend friends' convocation and training for the badminton. I think don't even have much time for me to blame. All I can do is just go ahead.

The COB Badminton Tournamnet will be my last time to take part. For me, the target is still the same, defend the title again. I see it as a challenge for me. We got the champion last year, and let see this time we can get it or not.

I think this time the competition will be more difficult than last year. But whatever difficult, we will do the best to solve it. Fight!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Muka Kamu Nampak Macam Lee Chong Wei La..."

Just finished my sport tournamnet this afternoon. Got the 2nd runner up. So far not bad. Just a little bit dissatisfaction about the draw. Looked like they have do something.

But I think the most funny thing was a Malay girl said, "Muka kamu nampak macam Lee Chong Wei la..."

I think this will be the 3rd time I heard about it. 1st time was mt sister said and the second time was during the Masum match.

Actually, my face which part same with him???

Monday, September 28, 2009

Proton Sport Tournament

Tomorrow will going to take part the Proton Sport Tournament. It will be the 1st time and the last time for me, take part my favourite sport, badminton. My target? Hrm... Just do the best and enjoy the game.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Animal Song

When superstars and cannonballs are running through your head
And television freak show cops and robbers everywhere
Subway makes me nervous, people pushing me too far
I've got to break away
So take my hand now

'Cause I want to live like animals
Careless and free like animals
I want to live
I want to run through the jungle
With wind in my hair and the sand at my feet

I don't have any difficulties keeping to myself
Feelings and emotions better left up on the shelf
Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie
Which one is more human
There's a thought, now you decide

Compassion in the jungle
Compassion in your hands, yeah
Would you like to make a run for it
Would you like to take my hand, yeah

Sometimes this life can get you down
It's so confusing
There's so many rules to follow
And I feel it
'Cause I just run away in my mind

Superstars and cannonballs running through your head
Television freak show cops and robbers everywhere
Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie
Which one is more human
There's a thought, now you decide

Compassion in the jungle
Compassion in your hands, yeah
Would you like to make a run for it
Would you like to take my hand, yeah

This is a song sang by Savage Garden. For me, it is a quite relaxing song and it has became one of my favourite song.

Sometime, really thinking about to live a life like an animal. Free, no need to think so much, do what I want to do.

The adult's world, pay attention to the result, will not take your feeling into account. Even if, how much discontent I have, have no way of pouring out. Gradually, begin to turn into silence...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Ugly Duckling

It was so beautiful out on the country, it was summer- the wheat fields were golden, the oats were green, and down among the green meadows the hay was stacked. There the stork minced about on his red legs, clacking away in Egyptian, which was the language his mother had taught him. Round about the field and meadow lands rose vast forests, in which deep lakes lay hidden. Yes, it was indeed lovely out there in the country.
In the midst of the sunshine there stood an old manor house that had a deep moat around it. From the walls of the manor right down to the water's edge great burdock leaves grew, and there were some so tall that little children could stand upright beneath the biggest of them. In this wilderness of leaves, which was as dense as the forests itself, a duck sat on her nest, hatching her ducklings. She was becoming somewhat weary, because sitting is such a dull business and scarcely anyone came to see her. The other ducks would much rather swim in the moat than waddle out and squat under the burdock leaf to gossip with her.
But at last the eggshells began to crack, one after another. "Peep, peep!" said the little things, as they came to life and poked out their heads.
"Quack, quack!" said the duck, and quick as quick can be they all waddled out to have a look at the green world under the leaves. Their mother let them look as much as they pleased, because green is good for the eyes.
"How wide the world is," said all the young ducks, for they certainly had much more room now than they had when they were in their eggshells.
"Do you think this is the whole world?" their mother asked. "Why it extends on and on, clear across to the other side of the garden and right on into the parson's field, though that is further than I have ever been. I do hope you are all hatched," she said as she got up. "No, not quite all. The biggest egg still lies here. How much longer is this going to take? I am really rather tired of it all," she said, but she settled back on her nest.
"Well, how goes it?" asked an old duck who came to pay her a call.
"It takes a long time with that one egg," said the duck on the nest. "It won't crack, but look at the others. They are the cutest little ducklings I've ever seen. They look exactly like their father, the wretch! He hasn't come to see me at all."
"Let's have a look at the egg that won't crack," the old duck said. "It's a turkey egg, and you can take my word for it. I was fooled like that once myself. What trouble and care I had with those turkey children, for I may as well tell you, they are afraid of the water. I simply could not get them into it. I quacked and snapped at them, but it wasn't a bit of use. Let me see the egg. Certainly, it's a turkey egg. Let it lie, and go teach your other children to swim."
"Oh, I'll sit a little longer. I've been at it so long already that I may as well sit here half the summer."
"Suit yourself," said the old duck, and away she waddled.
At last the big egg did crack. "Peep," said the young one, and out he tumbled, but he was so big and ugly.
The duck took a look at him. "That's a frightfully big duckling," she said. "He doesn't look the least like the others. Can he really be a turkey baby? Well, well! I'll soon find out. Into the water he shall go, even if I have to shove him in myself."
Next day the weather was perfectly splendid, and the sun shone down on all the green burdock leaves. The mother duck led her whole family down to the moat. Splash! she took to the water. "Quack, quack," said she, and one duckling after another plunged in. The water went over their heads, but they came up in a flash, and floated to perfection. Their legs worked automatically, and they were all there in the water. Even the big, ugly gray one was swimming along.
"Why, that's no turkey," she said. "See how nicely he uses his legs, and how straight he holds himself. He's my very own son after all, and quite good-looking if you look at him properly. Quack, quack come with me. I'll lead you out into the world and introduce you to the duck yard. But keep close to me so that you won't get stepped on, and watch out for the cat!"
Thus they sallied into the duck yard, where all was in an uproar because two families were fighting over the head of an eel. But the cat got it, after all.
"You see, that's the way of the world." The mother duck licked her bill because she wanted the eel's head for herself. "Stir your legs. Bustle about, and mind that you bend your necks to that old duck over there. She's the noblest of us all, and has Spanish blood in her. That's why she's so fat. See that red rag around her leg? That's a wonderful thing, and the highest distinction a duck can get. It shows that they don't want to lose her, and that she's to have special attention from man and beast. Shake yourselves! Don't turn your toes in. A well-bred duckling turns his toes way out, just as his father and mother do-this way. So then! Now duck your necks and say quack!"
They did as she told them, but the other ducks around them looked on and said right out loud, "See here! Must we have this brood too, just as if there weren't enough of us already? And-fie! what an ugly-looking fellow that duckling is! We won't stand for him." One duck charged up and bit his neck.
"Let him alone," his mother said. "He isn't doing any harm."
"Possibly not," said the duck who bit him, "but he's too big and strange, and therefore he needs a good whacking."
"What nice-looking children you have, Mother," said the old duck with the rag around her leg. "They are all pretty except that one. He didn't come out so well. It's a pity you can't hatch him again."
"That can't be managed, your ladyship," said the mother. "He isn't so handsome, but he's as good as can be, and he swims just as well as the rest, or, I should say, even a little better than they do. I hope his looks will improve with age, and after a while he won't seem so big. He took too long in the egg, and that's why his figure isn't all that it should be." She pinched his neck and preened his feathers. "Moreover, he's a drake, so it won't matter so much. I think he will be quite strong, and I'm sure he will amount to something."
"The other ducklings are pretty enough," said the old duck. "Now make yourselves right at home, and if you find an eel's head you may bring it to me."
So they felt quite at home. But the poor duckling who had been the last one out of his egg, and who looked so ugly, was pecked and pushed about and made fun of by the ducks, and the chickens as well. "He's too big," said they all. The turkey gobbler, who thought himself an emperor because he was born wearing spurs, puffed up like a ship under full sail and bore down upon him, gobbling and gobbling until he was red in the face. The poor duckling did not know where he dared stand or where he dared walk. He was so sad because he was so desperately ugly, and because he was the laughing stock of the whole barnyard.
So it went on the first day, and after that things went from bad to worse. The poor duckling was chased and buffeted about by everyone. Even his own brothers and sisters abused him. "Oh," they would always say, "how we wish the cat would catch you, you ugly thing." And his mother said, "How I do wish you were miles away." The ducks nipped him, and the hens pecked him, and the girl who fed them kicked him with her foot.
So he ran away; and he flew over the fence. The little birds in the bushes darted up in a fright. "That's because I'm so ugly," he thought, and closed his eyes, but he ran on just the same until he reached the great marsh where the wild ducks lived. There he lay all night long, weary and disheartened.
When morning came, the wild ducks flew up to have a look at their new companion. "What sort of creature are you?" they asked, as the duckling turned in all directions, bowing his best to them all. "You are terribly ugly," they told him, "but that's nothing to us so long as you don't marry into our family."
Poor duckling! Marriage certainly had never entered his mind. All he wanted was for them to let him lie among the reeds and drink a little water from the marsh.
There he stayed for two whole days. Then he met two wild geese, or rather wild ganders-for they were males. They had not been out of the shell very long, and that's what made them so sure of themselves.
"Say there, comrade," they said, "you're so ugly that we have taken a fancy to you. Come with us and be a bird of passage. In another marsh near-by, there are some fetching wild geese, all nice young ladies who know how to quack. You are so ugly that you'll completely turn their heads."
Bing! Bang! Shots rang in the air, and these two ganders fell dead among the reeds. The water was red with their blood. Bing! Bang! the shots rang, and as whole flocks of wild geese flew up from the reeds another volley crashed. A great hunt was in progress. The hunters lay under cover all around the marsh, and some even perched on branches of trees that overhung the reeds. Blue smoke rose like clouds from the shade of the trees, and drifted far out over the water.
The bird dogs came splash, splash! through the swamp, bending down the reeds and the rushes on every side. This gave the poor duckling such a fright that he twisted his head about to hide it under his wing. But at that very moment a fearfully big dog appeared right beside him. His tongue lolled out of his mouth and his wicked eyes glared horribly. He opened his wide jaws, flashed his sharp teeth, and - splash, splash - on he went without touching the duckling.
"Thank heavens," he sighed, "I'm so ugly that the dog won't even bother to bite me."
He lay perfectly still, while the bullets splattered through the reeds as shot after shot was fired. It was late in the day before things became quiet again, and even then the poor duckling didn't dare move. He waited several hours before he ventured to look about him, and then he scurried away from that marsh as fast as he could go. He ran across field and meadows. The wind was so strong that he had to struggle to keep his feet.
Late in the evening he came to a miserable little hovel, so ramshackle that it did not know which way to tumble, and that was the only reason it still stood. The wind struck the duckling so hard that the poor little fellow had to sit down on his tail to withstand it. The storm blew stronger and stronger, but the duckling noticed that one hinge had come loose and the door hung so crooked that he could squeeze through the crack into the room, and that's just what he did.
Here lived an old woman with her cat and her hen. The cat, whom she called "Sonny," could arch his back, purr, and even make sparks, though for that you had to stroke his fur the wrong way. The hen had short little legs, so she was called "Chickey Shortleg." She laid good eggs, and the old woman loved her as if she had been her own child.
In the morning they were quick to notice the strange duckling. The cat began to purr, and the hen began to cluck.
"What on earth!" The old woman looked around, but she was short-sighted, and she mistook the duckling for a fat duck that had lost its way. "That was a good catch," she said. "Now I shall have duck eggs-unless it's a drake. We must try it out." So the duckling was tried out for three weeks, but not one egg did he lay.
In this house the cat was master and the hen was mistress. They always said, "We and the world," for they thought themselves half of the world, and much the better half at that. The duckling thought that there might be more than one way of thinking, but the hen would not hear of it.
"Can you lay eggs?" she asked
"Then be so good as to hold your tongue."
The cat asked, "Can you arch your back, purr, or make sparks?"
"Then keep your opinion to yourself when sensible people are talking."
The duckling sat in a corner, feeling most despondent. Then he remembered the fresh air and the sunlight. Such a desire to go swimming on the water possessed him that he could not help telling the hen about it.
"What on earth has come over you?" the hen cried. "You haven't a thing to do, and that's why you get such silly notions. Lay us an egg, or learn to purr, and you'll get over it."
"But it's so refreshing to float on the water," said the duckling, "so refreshing to feel it rise over your head as you dive to the bottom."
"Yes, it must be a great pleasure!" said the hen. "I think you must have gone crazy. Ask the cat, who's the wisest fellow I know, whether he likes to swim or dive down in the water. Of myself I say nothing. But ask the old woman, our mistress. There's no one on earth wiser than she is. Do you imagine she wants to go swimming and feel the water rise over her head?"
"You don't understand me," said the duckling.
"Well, if we don't, who would? Surely you don't think you are cleverer than the cat and the old woman-to say nothing of myself. Don't be so conceited, child. Just thank your Maker for all the kindness we have shown you. Didn't you get into this snug room, and fall in with people who can tell you what's what? But you are such a numbskull that it's no pleasure to have you around. Believe me, I tell you this for your own good. I say unpleasant truths, but that's the only way you can know who are your friends. Be sure now that you lay some eggs. See to it that you learn to purr or to make sparks."
"I think I'd better go out into the wide world," said the duckling.
"Suit yourself," said the hen.
So off went the duckling. He swam on the water, and dived down in it, but still he was slighted by every living creature because of his ugliness.
Autumn came on. The leaves in the forest turned yellow and brown. The wind took them and whirled them about. The heavens looked cold as the low clouds hung heavy with snow and hail. Perched on the fence, the raven screamed, "Caw, caw!" and trembled with cold. It made one shiver to think of it. Pity the poor little duckling!
One evening, just as the sun was setting in splendor, a great flock of large, handsome birds appeared out of the reeds. The duckling had never seen birds so beautiful. They were dazzling white, with long graceful necks. They were swans. They uttered a very strange cry as they unfurled their magnificent wings to fly from this cold land, away to warmer countries and to open waters. They went up so high, so very high, that the ugly little duckling felt a strange uneasiness come over him as he watched them. He went around and round in the water, like a wheel. He craned his neck to follow their course, and gave a cry so shrill and strange that he frightened himself. Oh! He could not forget them-those splendid, happy birds. When he could no longer see them he dived to the very bottom. and when he came up again he was quite beside himself. He did not know what birds they were or whither they were bound, yet he loved them more than anything he had ever loved before. It was not that he envied them, for how could he ever dare dream of wanting their marvelous beauty for himself? He would have been grateful if only the ducks would have tolerated him-the poor ugly creature.
The winter grew cold - so bitterly cold that the duckling had to swim to and fro in the water to keep it from freezing over. But every night the hole in which he swam kept getting smaller and smaller. Then it froze so hard that the duckling had to paddle continuously to keep the crackling ice from closing in upon him. At last, too tired to move, he was frozen fast in the ice.
Early that morning a farmer came by, and when he saw how things were he went out on the pond, broke away the ice with his wooden shoe, and carried the duckling home to his wife. There the duckling revived, but when the children wished to play with him he thought they meant to hurt him. Terrified, he fluttered into the milk pail, splashing the whole room with milk. The woman shrieked and threw up her hands as he flew into the butter tub, and then in and out of the meal barrel. Imagine what he looked like now! The woman screamed and lashed out at him with the fire tongs. The children tumbled over each other as they tried to catch him, and they laughed and they shouted. Luckily the door was open, and the duckling escaped through it into the bushes, where he lay down, in the newly fallen snow, as if in a daze.
But it would be too sad to tell of all the hardships and wretchedness he had to endure during this cruel winter. When the warm sun shone once more, the duckling was still alive among the reeds of the marsh. The larks began to sing again. It was beautiful springtime.
Then, quite suddenly, he lifted his wings. They swept through the air much more strongly than before, and their powerful strokes carried him far. Before he quite knew what was happening, he found himself in a great garden where apple trees bloomed. The lilacs filled the air with sweet scent and hung in clusters from long, green branches that bent over a winding stream. Oh, but it was lovely here in the freshness of spring!
From the thicket before him came three lovely white swans. They ruffled their feathers and swam lightly in the stream. The duckling recognized these noble creatures, and a strange feeling of sadness came upon him.
"I shall fly near these royal birds, and they will peck me to bits because I, who am so very ugly, dare to go near them. But I don't care. Better be killed by them than to be nipped by the ducks, pecked by the hens, kicked about by the hen-yard girl, or suffer such misery in winter."
So he flew into the water and swam toward the splendid swans. They saw him, and swept down upon him with their rustling feathers raised. "Kill me!" said the poor creature, and he bowed his head down over the water to wait for death. But what did he see there, mirrored in the clear stream? He beheld his own image, and it was no longer the reflection of a clumsy, dirty, gray bird, ugly and offensive. He himself was a swan! Being born in a duck yard does not matter, if only you are hatched from a swan's egg.
He felt quite glad that he had come through so much trouble and misfortune, for now he had a fuller understanding of his own good fortune, and of beauty when he met with it. The great swans swam all around him and stroked him with their bills.
Several little children came into the garden to throw grain and bits of bread upon the water. The smallest child cried, "Here's a new one," and the others rejoiced, "yes, a new one has come." They clapped their hands, danced around, and ran to bring their father and mother.
And they threw bread and cake upon the water, while they all agreed, "The new one is the most handsome of all. He's so young and so good-looking." The old swans bowed in his honor.
Then he felt very bashful, and tucked his head under his wing. He did not know what this was all about. He felt so very happy, but he wasn't at all proud, for a good heart never grows proud. He thought about how he had been persecuted and scorned, and now he heard them all call him the most beautiful of all beautiful birds. The lilacs dipped their clusters into the stream before him, and the sun shone so warm and so heartening. He rustled his feathers and held his slender neck high, as he cried out with full heart: "I never dreamed there could be so much happiness, when I was the ugly duckling."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A language awakens the dreamboat

Several days ago and chat from China's friends, middle we will have talk about some future plan. At that time I said: “if experiences difficult or the unpleasant matter, I will not choose the complaint.”However, he tells me: “the suitable complaint is necessary, will otherwise suppress in is too at heart long will become sickness.”

Indeed, when experiences difficult or the unpleasant matter, I will not give vent to the innermost feelings disaffection. Although I have told myself, places the focal point solves in the problem; however, the human always has the mood. When meets is unable the satisfactory pleasant matter, unavoidably can have some negative mood, like is angry discontentedly, and so on ......Often I “swallow” them get down, then tells itself, places the focal point solves in the question, perhaps looks at matter's other aspect. Sounds to be probably very positive, to not? In fact, I have not accomplished. The reason crushed in the negative mood's strength the positive strength. I thought that this is because has not abandoned these negative mood, so that I am unable to regard the matter positively.

Perhaps is the environment influence, regardless of meets anything difficult or the unpleasant matter, in the brain will reappear this thought, “This will be my matter, the necessity has not been troublesome others.”Therefore, formed one kind of inertia - - to have worry to know that was good. , I will not express the innermost feelings gradually the feeling, when must will say the words, appears the words do not convey the thought the situation. thanked this Chinese friend's that a few words to remind me. My metropolitan examination bit by bit, anew is knowing itself, studies is expressing itself, and is also trying (giving vent to which how studies gives vent is knows when to stop, otherwise may not know that who could meet with a disaster, hee hee).

Friday, August 21, 2009

wo(3) yao(4) fa(1) da(2)

fen(4) nu(4) qing(1) nian(2):wo(3) xiang(3) “fa(1) da(2)”。

gao(1) ren(2):you(3) zhi(4) qi(4)。

fen(4) nu(4) qing(1) nian(2):wo(3) yi(4) zhi(2) ren(4) wei(2) zi(4) ji(3) hen(3) you(3) qian(2),jiu(4) jue(2) de(2) zi(4) ji(3) hen(3) qiong(2)。wo(3) xiang(3) dang(1) ge(4) zhen(1) zheng(4) fu(4) weng(1),qing(3) zhi(3) yin(3)。

gao(1) ren(2):zhe(4) ge(4) wen(4) ti(2) hen(3) ge(4) ren(2)。

fen(4) nu(4) qing(1) nian(2):wo(3) yi(4) zhi(2) ren(4) wei(2) zi(4) ji(3) hen(3) you(3) qian(2),ke(3) kan(4) zhe(4) bie(2) ren(2) zong(3) you(3) yong(4) bu(4) wan(2) de(3) qian(2),jiu(4) jue(2) de(2) zi(4) ji(3) hen(3) qiong(2)。

gao(1) ren(2):qi(2) shi(2) “fa(1) da(2)” zhe(4) ge(4) xing(2) rong(2) ci(2),yu(3) qi(2) ta(1) xing(2) rong(2) gan(3) jue(2) de(3) xing(2) rong(2) ci(2) yi(2) yang(4),ru(2) “ku(3)”、“suan(1)”、“tong(4)” deng(3)。ni(3) yao(4) gan(3) jue(2) “ku(3)” dao(4) di(3) you(3) duo(2) ku(3),zui(4) hao(3) de(3) fang(1) fa(3) bing(4) fei(1) yi(4) zhi(2) chi(1) ku(3) wei(4) de(3) dong(1) xi(1),fan(3) zhi(1),ying(1) xian(1) shi(4) shi(4) “tian(2)” shi(4) zen(3) yang(4) de(3),you(3) duo(1) tian(2) jiu(4) chi(1) tian(2)。guo(4) hou(4),cai(2) shi(4) chi(1) “ku(3)”,zhe(4) yang(4) jiu(4) neng(2) qing(1) yi(4) wei(4) zhe(4) ge(4) “ku(3)”,lie(4) chu(1) yi(2) ge(4) deng(3) ji(2) lai(2)。

tong(2) yang(4) de(3),ni(3) yao(4) “fa(1) da(2)”,jiu(4) qing(3) xian(1) qu(4) shi(4) “qiong(2)”;bu(2) shi(4) yi(4) ban(4) de(3) qiong(2),er(2) shi(4) qiong(2) de(2) liao(2) dao(3),qiong(2) de(2) hao(2) wu(2) zi(4) zun(1),qiong(2) de(2) shi(1) qu(4) jian(4) kang(1)、shi(1) qu(4) jia(1) ren(2),yue(4) qiong(2) yue(4) can(3) yue(4) hao(3)。guo(4) hou(4),jiu(4) suan(4) wo(3) zhi(3) gei(3) ni(3) 1 ling(2) ji(2),ni(3) ye(3) hui(4) jue(2) de(2) zi(4) ji(3) fa(1) da(2) le(3)。
wo(3) men(3) zhui(1) qiu(2) yi(2) ge(4) mu(4) biao(1) shi(2),ying(1) xian(1) zi(4) wen(4):zhui(1) qiu(2) de(3) shi(4) you(3) mu(4) di(4) de(3) ma(1)?suo(3) wei(4) fa(1) da(2),xin (1) zhong(1) de(3) fa(1) da(2) shi(4) you(3) mu(4) biao(1) ma(1)?shi(4) fou(3) da(2) dao(4) le(3) na(4) ge(4) mu(4) biao(1),wo(3) men(3) jiu(4) man(3) zu(2)?hai(2) shi(4) yi(4) zhi(2) zhui(1) xia(4) qu(4)?lian(2) zi(4) ji(3) ye(3) bu(4) dong(3) zhong(1) dian (3) zai(4) na(3) li(3)?

ni(3) you(3) 100 wan(4),jiu(4) ren(4) wei(2) you(3) 200 wan(4) de(3) ren(2) cai(2) shi(4) fa(1) da(2),ni(3) you(3) 300 wan(4),que(4) kan(4) dao(4) bie(2) ren(2) you(3) 500 wan(4) cai(2) shi(4) cheng(2) gong(1)……jie(2) guo(3),ni(3) de(3) ren(2) sheng(1) jiu(4) lang(4) fei(4) zai(4) zhe(4) yang(4) de(3) mang(2) mu(4) zhui(1) qiu(2) zhong(1),wang(4) le(3) kan(4) kan(4) ren(2) sheng(1) lu(4) tu(2) zhong(1),you(3) qi(2) ta(1) geng(4) zhi(2) de(2) guan(1) zhu(4) de(3) shi(4) yu(3) wu(4)。

ruo(4) ni(3) de(3) xin(1) yi(4) zhi(2) mei(2) man(3) zu(2),wo(3) jian(4) yi(4) ni(3) xian(1) qu(4) qiong(2) yi(4) lun(2);qiong(2) guo(4) hou(4),jiu(4) zi(4) ran(2) hui(4) ren(4) wei(2) ni(3) xian(4) zai (4) shi(4) duo(1) me(4) you(3) qian(2) xing(4) fu(2) le(3)。

fen(4) nu(4) qing(1) nian(2):“fa(1) da(2)” de(3) ding(4) yi(4) guo(3) ran(2) hen(3) fan(3) fu(4),wo(3) de(2) zai(4) si(1) kao(3) yao(4) bu(2) yao(4) fa(1) da(2)。

Monday, August 17, 2009

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

On June 22 ~ July 22
1. Moody;
2. Shy;
3. Loving and caring;
4. Imaginative;
5. Cautious;
6. Sympathetic;
7. Lives in seclusion;
8. Chastity and naive;
9. Honest;
10. Modest;
11. Cool-headed;
12. Passive;
13. Conservative;
14. Jittery.
The above charactiristics are some of the "specification" of Cancer.
Since I born in July, my zodiac sign is Cancer. In other words, I have some of the characteristics of Cancer. I think most of my friends don't know me too much (since I am very mystical), I choose some of the characteristics of the Cancer to describe a bit about myself.
1. Moody
This is one of the characteristic of Cancer. But am I a moody person? Sometime is, sometime not. I think the best description is I am kind of easily get angry. Maybe some of you don't believe, or you can ask my friends who knew me during primary and secondary school. I am trying to learn to contral my mood. If not, I will bring "disaster" person beside me.
2. Shy
I am kind of shy. Even though I try to improve myself, I still very shy sometime (it depends to the situation). This characteristic showed when I was very young, until now, still feel shy, huh...
3. Loving and caring
This characteristic I think better ask other peoples.
4. Imaginative
I think everybody got their own imaginative. It depends on whether we want to release our imaginative or not.
5. Cautious
I still can remember this characteristic appeared during my badminton training. I think maybe this is due to the experince that doing mistake or make the thing wrong is very bad. My mum will punish and scold me if I doing something wrong. I think there is why I am cautious.
6. Sympathetic
I think everybody has this characteristic but some won't show direct. Am I sympathetic? Depends your opinion about me.
7. Lives in seclusion
This characteristic I totally agree. If you want to find me, there are two places, at home or sport centre.
8. Chastity and naive
This characteristic I am not going to describe more. Hard to describe, huh...
9. Honest
Sometime I think I am too honest until it does not benefit me and other peoples. I think people must be honest but can not too honest.
10. Modest you think so? I think so.
11. Cool-headed
Sometime is, sometime not.
12. Passive
Most of the time I am passive. I think maybe this is because I am the youngest in my family. Every decision has been made by my family members and I no need think too much, just follow their advice. Maybe some will says, "So good, you are the youngest!" But for me, I don't think so.
13. Conservative
I am conservative due to some of the values are very important for me. At the same time, I am open mind too because we are living in the age of information. It is important to open my mind to receive new information.
14. Jittery
I am jitery when I was young. My family members, my teachers and other friends know it. So, here I no need describe more.
The above description is just a part about me from my point of view.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Think, Therefore I Am

"I think, therefore I am" (Cogito, ergo sum) is a philosophical statement in Latin used by Rene Descartes, which became a foundational element of Western philosophy.
First time I read this words of wisdom was in a comic. After that, I had tried to find out the meaning of this words of wisdom. I can't totally understand what it means.
Even though I can't totally understand, it lets me think about that, what is my important personal value? What can I do to contribute for the society?
There is an old saying, "Everyone who alives in the world has their mission." Through this direction, I will find out my mission. I hope that I can do something to contribute not only for my family but society, too.

Friday, July 31, 2009

You Got A Dream, You Gotta Protect It

The dialog below is the screen og "The Pursuit of Happyness".
Christopher: See, dad, I'm going pro.
Chris: Okay. Yeah. I don't know, you know, you'll probably be about as good as I was. That'skind of the way it works, you know, and I was below average. You know, so...Whoa. So, you'll probably ultimately rank somewhere around there, you know, so... Really, you'll excel at a lot of things, just not this. So I don't want you out here shooting this all around all day and night, all right?
Christopher: All right.
Chris: All right, go ahead. Don't let somebody tell you you can't do something. Not even me. All right?
Christopher: You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves, they want to tell you you can't do it. You want something, go get it. Periond.
As a child, I had dream. But it disappeared when I grew up. That time, I didn't know where is my life's direction. Standing in front of the junction, didn't know where should I go.
And now, once again I find back my dream, even though that one is another. At least, I have a target to achieve. I gotta protect it. Don't wanna miss my dream again. Even though it is a bit difficult, quite challenge for me, I'll still keep on going. As a line from the song Imagine by John Lennon goes, "You may say I'm dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
For those who have dream, protect it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beautiful Girl

Beautiful girl, wherever you are
I knew when I saw you, you had opened the door
I knew that I'd love again after a long, long while
I'd love again
You said "hello" and I turned to go
But something in your eyes left my heart beating so
I just knew that I'd love again after a long, long while
I'd love again
It was destiny's game
For when love finally came on
I rushed in line only to find
That you were gone
Wherever you are, I fear that I might
Have lost you forever like a song in the night
Now that I've loved again after a long, long while
I've love again
Beautiful girl, I'll search on for you
"Til all of your loveliness in my arms come true
You've made me love again after a long, long while
In love again
And I'm glad that it's you
Hmm, beautiful girl
This is a song sang by Jose Mari Chan. I can still remember it due to this is one of the favorite of my sister and she recommended it to me.
When I had my own laptop, I had been trying to search for this song. It took quite long time for searching it. First time searched it was wma file. But finally I found the mp3 file. That moment was very excited.
And now, it has became one of my favorite song. It is quite relaxing when hear this song. I would sincerely to share this song through my blog. Welcome to visit.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Road Not Taken

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
"The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost is a poem about a traveler who is walking in the woods and has come upon two roads. The traveler cannot travel both roads and thus must make a decision which one to walk. He evaluates both roads and chooses the road less traveled realizing that he cannot back. The poem ends by the traveler stating that his choosing the road less traveled has made all the difference.
First time I read this poem during my secondary school. That time didn't understand deeply, just simply read for exam only. After that I had forgotten.
After that, I read Rich Dad Poor Dad. The author, Robert Kiyosaki, used that poem at the beginning of his book. That time I was reading the Chinese version. But when I read that poem, such like I have read it before. When I read the English version, then I just knew that this poem before.
And now, before enter the real world, I'm almost facing the same situation like the travel of the poem. Different choice, different result.
Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.
Will I going to listen my parents advice or choose my own way? I think I have my authority to make the decision myself.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today is my 23th birthday.

First of all, thanks for my parent foster. Then is my dear friends. Thanks for yours' wish. It is a happy moment espeacially ca receive wish from friends during birthday.

This year will be my final year in university. I should focus on my study this moment. But my thinking is more to about my future, espeacially the financial future of mine. What is my plan for my future? Espeacially my financial, a whole life "test".

Basically, I have almost implement my parents' promise, I will complete my study in university. Then, it is going to implement another promise, the responsibility for the family. So, I have to spend more time on thinking my future. I have discerned my parents' status, and my brother sisters' status recently. Before I enter the "Real World", I really have to think much. I hope that I can change the family's status. By the way, to create my life.

I'm now full with expectation and feeling discomposure about my future. I think my choice will different compare with my brother and sisters. Expectation is due to I hope to change. Discomposure is due to the future is ambiguity. Recently, I don't have any mentor as an example (the way I will choose for my future), so I think I have to regard on books.

However, once I have made the choice, I will do the best!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Old Man Body

The school open today. I just got only two classes, 9.30am and 3.30pm, but both classess didn't have lecture enter. I felt happy especially the second class didn't have lecture enter since my friend had invited me to play badminton at 4pm.
Since I had waited ay class around half of an hour, I had late to court. But it didn't reduce my desire to play. I had played around 12 games today. But it had made a high cost for me. I could feel my shoulder, waist, calf's muscle and baseboard be in pain. What causes my pain, I thought there were two reasons. First, I played too vehemence; second, the journet I took back to UUM too long, around 13 hours. There is a word of wisdom in sport--the record is made to be broken.
After finished playing, I could only walk slowly, such an old man, couldn't walk quickly. It took around half an hour to reach my college.
However, I felt very wail since I could paly again with my teammates even though I can feel my shoulder in pain when I write this blog. The bore before had been cleaned up.
Tomorrow, "deserve for expect", he...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Last Semester In University

13 hours of journey, finally I rearched UUM.

This semester wil be my last semester in university. It doesn't seem will be easy. But I will enjoy the process.
Most of the friends already finished their study. Some of them are doing practicum and some of them are working. But at least I had a gathering with them, even not all the friends.
This semester break, I had taken enough rest. I had accompany my parents at home, had gathering with my friends and known how naughty my sister's second son.
One thing can sure that I will be asking by this question, "Already had girl friend?" This is the question always asking by my cousin when I back to home. My answer always the same. My friends, too, but asking with another style, "You didn't bring your girl friend back?" guys! Good question but without a good answer. Next time I have to prepare more answer fot this question.
After a half day in university, I could see some new faces. Lets create a great university life together!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Part For Ever

About a week and few days ago, I attended my uncle's mother myfuneral.
Before that, I heard from my mom that my uncle's mom sliped up and in bath room and coma. Then she sent to hospital. When my mom visited her, she still could eat, cirs fine. But after two days, she had passed away when my uncle, her son, went out to have breakfast. Before my uncle went out to have breakfast, she still could talk to her son.
My uncle's mom passed away, during her age of 88.
Before the day I entered university, this kind of case always happened. When every time I came back from university, I sure could heard from other that somebody had passed away. Those people who passed away, some of them at the prime of life, some of them already old and some of them same age or oldier a bit than me. The reason they passed away, some was accident but there was more to healthy problem.
Every time I heard about it, I would feel thrillingness. There by, I started pay attention my life habit, such like my time went to bed, what I consumed, work and rest. I read an article and there was a word of wisdom, the sorriness in life was due to ignorance and carelessness. Sometime it said that life was fated, but I found that something was still could control by ourselves, to avoid from this sorriness.
Unconsciously I found a newspaper article about "The Life and Death". Even though I could not understand at all the content, but at least I had started to leard more open my mind thinking.
I had ever heard from other friends or family members, who said we, men, would not fall any tears about this kind of case. Actually, we had feeling, we were sad too, but we just didn't show our feeling. Sometime, this was an attitude that we choosed to face. Because when we still alive, we have to alive zealously.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Attend Wedding

It was about more than a week ago I didn't write anything for this blog. I will try to write in English for this blog. First, all my friends can read it. Second, as a practice to improve my English. Here, I would like to share something which happened few days ago.

Few days ago, I went to KL for attending my uncle's son, Vincent's wedding. My mum, my brother and I went there by car. I was the driver that day. It was the second time for me since I drove back to Kuantan from Segamat when I was Form 5.

As everyone know, the road in KL extend in all directions and there is a lot of car there. First time drove in KL, I felt quite tension. Fortunately, my brother sat beside me and helped me a lot.

First day arrived at KL, we lived at our friend's house. By the way, we visited our former neighbour, Achi, who lived near by our friend's house. She moved to KL when I was 3 or 4 years old. For me, it was not a deep impress in my memory. However, it was a warm moment. We sat together and sharing our "story".

The second day, we went to Vincent's house in the morning. The last time I met them when I was 7 years old. It had more than 10 years we didn't meet each other. But most of them looked still the same, didn't change a lot (I mean their look).

Around 3pm, we went to church where almost near the Sunway. It was my first time attended Christian's wedding. My brother and I as their cameraman. But we didn't take any pictures for ourselves.

At night, we went to wedding dinner. When the dinner finished, it almost 11 o'clock. But we lost our way back to the hotel. We were lost in the city, not lost in the jungle. Fortunately, we found back the way. When we reached hotel, it almost 1 o'clock. Quite excited even though tired.

The next day morning, my uncle brought us to have breakfast. After that, we visited to his brother's wife and his daughter's house who lived in Kajang. Around 4pm, we started our journey to back home.

On the road, I felt asleep because I passed a bad night. But I still had attentive on driving. Almost 3 and a half hours I drove back to Kuantan. I was extremely tired when reached home.

However, it had been a good experince for me.

So, this some of my sharing after came back from UUM. Hopes that everybody can understand what I write. If there is any point of view, please your comment. Thank you.

Monday, June 1, 2009