Friday, August 21, 2009

wo(3) yao(4) fa(1) da(2)

fen(4) nu(4) qing(1) nian(2):wo(3) xiang(3) “fa(1) da(2)”。

gao(1) ren(2):you(3) zhi(4) qi(4)。

fen(4) nu(4) qing(1) nian(2):wo(3) yi(4) zhi(2) ren(4) wei(2) zi(4) ji(3) hen(3) you(3) qian(2),jiu(4) jue(2) de(2) zi(4) ji(3) hen(3) qiong(2)。wo(3) xiang(3) dang(1) ge(4) zhen(1) zheng(4) fu(4) weng(1),qing(3) zhi(3) yin(3)。

gao(1) ren(2):zhe(4) ge(4) wen(4) ti(2) hen(3) ge(4) ren(2)。

fen(4) nu(4) qing(1) nian(2):wo(3) yi(4) zhi(2) ren(4) wei(2) zi(4) ji(3) hen(3) you(3) qian(2),ke(3) kan(4) zhe(4) bie(2) ren(2) zong(3) you(3) yong(4) bu(4) wan(2) de(3) qian(2),jiu(4) jue(2) de(2) zi(4) ji(3) hen(3) qiong(2)。

gao(1) ren(2):qi(2) shi(2) “fa(1) da(2)” zhe(4) ge(4) xing(2) rong(2) ci(2),yu(3) qi(2) ta(1) xing(2) rong(2) gan(3) jue(2) de(3) xing(2) rong(2) ci(2) yi(2) yang(4),ru(2) “ku(3)”、“suan(1)”、“tong(4)” deng(3)。ni(3) yao(4) gan(3) jue(2) “ku(3)” dao(4) di(3) you(3) duo(2) ku(3),zui(4) hao(3) de(3) fang(1) fa(3) bing(4) fei(1) yi(4) zhi(2) chi(1) ku(3) wei(4) de(3) dong(1) xi(1),fan(3) zhi(1),ying(1) xian(1) shi(4) shi(4) “tian(2)” shi(4) zen(3) yang(4) de(3),you(3) duo(1) tian(2) jiu(4) chi(1) tian(2)。guo(4) hou(4),cai(2) shi(4) chi(1) “ku(3)”,zhe(4) yang(4) jiu(4) neng(2) qing(1) yi(4) wei(4) zhe(4) ge(4) “ku(3)”,lie(4) chu(1) yi(2) ge(4) deng(3) ji(2) lai(2)。

tong(2) yang(4) de(3),ni(3) yao(4) “fa(1) da(2)”,jiu(4) qing(3) xian(1) qu(4) shi(4) “qiong(2)”;bu(2) shi(4) yi(4) ban(4) de(3) qiong(2),er(2) shi(4) qiong(2) de(2) liao(2) dao(3),qiong(2) de(2) hao(2) wu(2) zi(4) zun(1),qiong(2) de(2) shi(1) qu(4) jian(4) kang(1)、shi(1) qu(4) jia(1) ren(2),yue(4) qiong(2) yue(4) can(3) yue(4) hao(3)。guo(4) hou(4),jiu(4) suan(4) wo(3) zhi(3) gei(3) ni(3) 1 ling(2) ji(2),ni(3) ye(3) hui(4) jue(2) de(2) zi(4) ji(3) fa(1) da(2) le(3)。
wo(3) men(3) zhui(1) qiu(2) yi(2) ge(4) mu(4) biao(1) shi(2),ying(1) xian(1) zi(4) wen(4):zhui(1) qiu(2) de(3) shi(4) you(3) mu(4) di(4) de(3) ma(1)?suo(3) wei(4) fa(1) da(2),xin (1) zhong(1) de(3) fa(1) da(2) shi(4) you(3) mu(4) biao(1) ma(1)?shi(4) fou(3) da(2) dao(4) le(3) na(4) ge(4) mu(4) biao(1),wo(3) men(3) jiu(4) man(3) zu(2)?hai(2) shi(4) yi(4) zhi(2) zhui(1) xia(4) qu(4)?lian(2) zi(4) ji(3) ye(3) bu(4) dong(3) zhong(1) dian (3) zai(4) na(3) li(3)?

ni(3) you(3) 100 wan(4),jiu(4) ren(4) wei(2) you(3) 200 wan(4) de(3) ren(2) cai(2) shi(4) fa(1) da(2),ni(3) you(3) 300 wan(4),que(4) kan(4) dao(4) bie(2) ren(2) you(3) 500 wan(4) cai(2) shi(4) cheng(2) gong(1)……jie(2) guo(3),ni(3) de(3) ren(2) sheng(1) jiu(4) lang(4) fei(4) zai(4) zhe(4) yang(4) de(3) mang(2) mu(4) zhui(1) qiu(2) zhong(1),wang(4) le(3) kan(4) kan(4) ren(2) sheng(1) lu(4) tu(2) zhong(1),you(3) qi(2) ta(1) geng(4) zhi(2) de(2) guan(1) zhu(4) de(3) shi(4) yu(3) wu(4)。

ruo(4) ni(3) de(3) xin(1) yi(4) zhi(2) mei(2) man(3) zu(2),wo(3) jian(4) yi(4) ni(3) xian(1) qu(4) qiong(2) yi(4) lun(2);qiong(2) guo(4) hou(4),jiu(4) zi(4) ran(2) hui(4) ren(4) wei(2) ni(3) xian(4) zai (4) shi(4) duo(1) me(4) you(3) qian(2) xing(4) fu(2) le(3)。

fen(4) nu(4) qing(1) nian(2):“fa(1) da(2)” de(3) ding(4) yi(4) guo(3) ran(2) hen(3) fan(3) fu(4),wo(3) de(2) zai(4) si(1) kao(3) yao(4) bu(2) yao(4) fa(1) da(2)。

Monday, August 17, 2009

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

On June 22 ~ July 22
1. Moody;
2. Shy;
3. Loving and caring;
4. Imaginative;
5. Cautious;
6. Sympathetic;
7. Lives in seclusion;
8. Chastity and naive;
9. Honest;
10. Modest;
11. Cool-headed;
12. Passive;
13. Conservative;
14. Jittery.
The above charactiristics are some of the "specification" of Cancer.
Since I born in July, my zodiac sign is Cancer. In other words, I have some of the characteristics of Cancer. I think most of my friends don't know me too much (since I am very mystical), I choose some of the characteristics of the Cancer to describe a bit about myself.
1. Moody
This is one of the characteristic of Cancer. But am I a moody person? Sometime is, sometime not. I think the best description is I am kind of easily get angry. Maybe some of you don't believe, or you can ask my friends who knew me during primary and secondary school. I am trying to learn to contral my mood. If not, I will bring "disaster" person beside me.
2. Shy
I am kind of shy. Even though I try to improve myself, I still very shy sometime (it depends to the situation). This characteristic showed when I was very young, until now, still feel shy, huh...
3. Loving and caring
This characteristic I think better ask other peoples.
4. Imaginative
I think everybody got their own imaginative. It depends on whether we want to release our imaginative or not.
5. Cautious
I still can remember this characteristic appeared during my badminton training. I think maybe this is due to the experince that doing mistake or make the thing wrong is very bad. My mum will punish and scold me if I doing something wrong. I think there is why I am cautious.
6. Sympathetic
I think everybody has this characteristic but some won't show direct. Am I sympathetic? Depends your opinion about me.
7. Lives in seclusion
This characteristic I totally agree. If you want to find me, there are two places, at home or sport centre.
8. Chastity and naive
This characteristic I am not going to describe more. Hard to describe, huh...
9. Honest
Sometime I think I am too honest until it does not benefit me and other peoples. I think people must be honest but can not too honest.
10. Modest you think so? I think so.
11. Cool-headed
Sometime is, sometime not.
12. Passive
Most of the time I am passive. I think maybe this is because I am the youngest in my family. Every decision has been made by my family members and I no need think too much, just follow their advice. Maybe some will says, "So good, you are the youngest!" But for me, I don't think so.
13. Conservative
I am conservative due to some of the values are very important for me. At the same time, I am open mind too because we are living in the age of information. It is important to open my mind to receive new information.
14. Jittery
I am jitery when I was young. My family members, my teachers and other friends know it. So, here I no need describe more.
The above description is just a part about me from my point of view.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Think, Therefore I Am

"I think, therefore I am" (Cogito, ergo sum) is a philosophical statement in Latin used by Rene Descartes, which became a foundational element of Western philosophy.
First time I read this words of wisdom was in a comic. After that, I had tried to find out the meaning of this words of wisdom. I can't totally understand what it means.
Even though I can't totally understand, it lets me think about that, what is my important personal value? What can I do to contribute for the society?
There is an old saying, "Everyone who alives in the world has their mission." Through this direction, I will find out my mission. I hope that I can do something to contribute not only for my family but society, too.