Sunday, June 28, 2009

Part For Ever

About a week and few days ago, I attended my uncle's mother myfuneral.
Before that, I heard from my mom that my uncle's mom sliped up and in bath room and coma. Then she sent to hospital. When my mom visited her, she still could eat, cirs fine. But after two days, she had passed away when my uncle, her son, went out to have breakfast. Before my uncle went out to have breakfast, she still could talk to her son.
My uncle's mom passed away, during her age of 88.
Before the day I entered university, this kind of case always happened. When every time I came back from university, I sure could heard from other that somebody had passed away. Those people who passed away, some of them at the prime of life, some of them already old and some of them same age or oldier a bit than me. The reason they passed away, some was accident but there was more to healthy problem.
Every time I heard about it, I would feel thrillingness. There by, I started pay attention my life habit, such like my time went to bed, what I consumed, work and rest. I read an article and there was a word of wisdom, the sorriness in life was due to ignorance and carelessness. Sometime it said that life was fated, but I found that something was still could control by ourselves, to avoid from this sorriness.
Unconsciously I found a newspaper article about "The Life and Death". Even though I could not understand at all the content, but at least I had started to leard more open my mind thinking.
I had ever heard from other friends or family members, who said we, men, would not fall any tears about this kind of case. Actually, we had feeling, we were sad too, but we just didn't show our feeling. Sometime, this was an attitude that we choosed to face. Because when we still alive, we have to alive zealously.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Attend Wedding

It was about more than a week ago I didn't write anything for this blog. I will try to write in English for this blog. First, all my friends can read it. Second, as a practice to improve my English. Here, I would like to share something which happened few days ago.

Few days ago, I went to KL for attending my uncle's son, Vincent's wedding. My mum, my brother and I went there by car. I was the driver that day. It was the second time for me since I drove back to Kuantan from Segamat when I was Form 5.

As everyone know, the road in KL extend in all directions and there is a lot of car there. First time drove in KL, I felt quite tension. Fortunately, my brother sat beside me and helped me a lot.

First day arrived at KL, we lived at our friend's house. By the way, we visited our former neighbour, Achi, who lived near by our friend's house. She moved to KL when I was 3 or 4 years old. For me, it was not a deep impress in my memory. However, it was a warm moment. We sat together and sharing our "story".

The second day, we went to Vincent's house in the morning. The last time I met them when I was 7 years old. It had more than 10 years we didn't meet each other. But most of them looked still the same, didn't change a lot (I mean their look).

Around 3pm, we went to church where almost near the Sunway. It was my first time attended Christian's wedding. My brother and I as their cameraman. But we didn't take any pictures for ourselves.

At night, we went to wedding dinner. When the dinner finished, it almost 11 o'clock. But we lost our way back to the hotel. We were lost in the city, not lost in the jungle. Fortunately, we found back the way. When we reached hotel, it almost 1 o'clock. Quite excited even though tired.

The next day morning, my uncle brought us to have breakfast. After that, we visited to his brother's wife and his daughter's house who lived in Kajang. Around 4pm, we started our journey to back home.

On the road, I felt asleep because I passed a bad night. But I still had attentive on driving. Almost 3 and a half hours I drove back to Kuantan. I was extremely tired when reached home.

However, it had been a good experince for me.

So, this some of my sharing after came back from UUM. Hopes that everybody can understand what I write. If there is any point of view, please your comment. Thank you.

Monday, June 1, 2009